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About Wild Cheff Wild Game Seasonings | Free Range Seasonings

The concept behind Wild Cheff stems from the game itself. As all fish and game has a unique texture and flavor, so do the ingredients used in their preparation. Some spices enhance a particular flavor while others disguise some of them. And as chicken should taste differently from pheasant so should a steak taste differently from venison. Add individual tastes and preferences and there’s far more to seasoning food than just using salt and pepper.

Wild Cheff Spice Blends: Organic, Simple, Flavorful, and Delicious

Wild Cheff Wild Onion Spice BlendCooking is a journey of discovery, and spices are part of the path. Wild Cheff spices are a natural way to season food. Depending on your mood you can warm up, cool down, or jazz up a meal. Our spice blends are designed around four critical components: taste, texture, smell, and visual appeal. Wild Cheff spices are not ordinary; they’ve been developed over time and are custom designed. Each of our blends is bursting with flavor and when they are properly applied they’ll make your food truly melt in your mouth. Match your style to an appropriate blend. Let Wild Cheff be the difference between good food and great food.

Wild Cheff Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Wild Cheff Blood Orange Olive OilTraditionally, school-trained chefs have utilized flavored olive oils as a finishing for vinaigrettes.  Wild Cheff Flavored Olive Oils offer exciting taste sensations to accommodate a wide variety of fish, game, organic meats and vegetables. Our oils add moisture and flavor and are healthy, too.  They are made naturally with Mission or Arbequina olives grown in California. The crushed fruit, essential oils and added herbs produce wonderfully flavorful sensations. Since our olive oils are freshly pressed they retain the natural flavors, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other healthy products of the ripe olive fruit.

Wild Cheff Balsamic Vinegars

Wild Cheff Coconut Balsamic VinegarSourced from locations worldwide, Wild Cheff has established a selection of flavored balsamic vinegars that will amaze your palate!  Wild Cheff Flavored Balsamic Vinegars present an opportunity for you to enhance your cooking in a whole new way of creativity. With a number of delicious varieties, you will find yourself exploring new ways to create compelling dipping oils, vinaigrettes, marinades and something unique to brush on your grilled meats and veggies, as well as drizzle over desserts.


Wild Cheff Sea Salts

Wild Cheff Sagemary Sea SaltHistorically speaking, salt gets a bad rap.  Part of that negativity is because ordinary salt purchased in grocery store is refined to such a degree that all essential minerals are lost.  As people are increasing their search for the origin of their foods their attention also turns to where their salt comes from. Wild Cheff works diligently with artisan producers to provide a product line of naturally harvested sea salts from waters all over the world, well known for their purity and high mineral contents.  But we don’t stop there. We’ll smoke salt with a variety of different woods and add additional flavors that will create a party on your palate.

Wild Cheff Artisan Sugars

Wild Cheff Espresso SugarWe start with medium and large Hawaiian cane sugar crystals and then fleck them with lively ingredients. We grate fresh citrus, use fair-trade coffee, and freshly ground herbs and spices to create a dazzling array of small-batch sugars. Use Wild Cheff Artisan Sugars to enhance the flavor and texture or to add a little sweetness to your dishes. Your baked goods have never tasted so good.



But Which Wild Cheff products should you use?

One of the predominant reasons we enjoy various foods is due to each food having a distinct note of flavor that excites our palate. Many individuals are seeking a means to heighten the flavor of their food by accenting it with a background flavor. The world of cooking is extremely diverse. Whether you are a game enthusiast, one who enjoys organic foods, vegetarian or just an enthusiast, there is a Wild Cheff Spice Blend for you.

Each blend is customized around a theme and a variation. Regardless if your theme is wild game, free range, Italian, or Southwestern there is a Wild Cheff product for you. With over 80 unique products from which to choose you’ll find endless ways to go from bland to savory.