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Cooking with Chef Corriveau at the Wild Cheff Free Range Culinary Institute….
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The Wild Cheff Free Range Culinary Institute (formerly the New England School of Fish and Game), was founded in 1995 as a mobile cooking school that focused on introducing culinary students and chefs to wild game and organic culinary arts.

Over the years it has been expanded to include instruction at noted restaurants, lodges and sporting venues. Chef Corriveau also offers private hosted functions as well as personalized and small group instruction.

Each year, Chef Corriveau works with apprentice chefs from a variety of culinary institutions.

The Wild Cheff Free Range Culinary Institute currently offers cooking instruction to these primary areas of interest:

1) Culinary Students & Chefs – In this course, culinary professionals are provided cooking instruction that will expand their culinary knowledge and teach them the fundamental nuances of how various types of game can be prepared. Students will learn what differentiates wild and free-range game and how it is prepared. Instruction is given on proper cooking and seasoning techniques, and students will learn how to properly showcase game to those they cook for. Students receive a Free Range Culinary Certification when they have properly demonstrated the knowledge obtained and have passed their final exam.

2) Restaurants, Lodges & Ranches – Chef Corriveau travels to your establishment and provides a thorough overview to your staff on how to effectively integrate wild game and free-range meals into your menu. In this engagement, culinary instruction, techniques and recipes are shared with your staff, as well as plating principles, teaching you how to provide a compelling offering to your clients. In addition, the Chef Corriveau will help you to establish relationships with wild game food suppliers.

3) Private Wild Game Culinary Instruction – Chef Corriveau provides a customized cooking session for your State Fish & Game Dept., Sporting Organization, or Organized Group teaching the nuances of wild and free-range game, and it’s health benefits. In this course, individuals are taught how to incorporate game into their eating regimen, proper cooking methods/techniques, how to understand flavoring principles, and how to creatively cook game.

4) Private Organic Culinary Instruction – In this course, Chef Corriveau provides a group class instruction on organic and free-range principles of cooking. Topics covered include how to blend farm and field to table ingredients to create healthy dishes, proper seasoning and the use of flavoring in your food preparation, and how to properly shop for recipe ingredients.

The Wild Cheff ‘s culinary sessions appeal to people from all walks of life. They are extremely informative and will inspire you to incorporate organic, free-range and wild game cooking into your lifestyle!

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