Wild Cheff Testimonials

Video of Wild Cheff Testimonial from Matt Light, 3X Superbowl Champion at the Annual Matt Light Celebrity Shoot-out


Chef Corriveau is the best of the best when it comes to wild game cooking!
-Matt Light, 3X Superbowl Champion, Former Left Tackle for the New England Patriots

The Wild Cheff has taken my tastebuds to new and unexplored territory…and I’m thrilled. Chef Corriveau is innovative, smart and the reigning king of wild game cooking.”
-Paul Fuller, Host, Bird Dogs Afield TV

I have had the opportunity to work with Chef Corriveau, and along with being a Master at his craft, he has “crowd appeal” which my customers really like. Whenever Denny makes an appearance you can count on great food aroma throughout the store, and our customers getting some great eats during their visit. I think Denny has built his reputation as “The Wild Game Chef” so quickly and so well because his menu  is exotic yet simple. His food looks so good that even the timid steak & potato folks want to try it solely based on his presentation. Denny has convinced many skeptics that won’t eat wild game, and I expect he will continue to do so. Denny without a doubt is the King on the hill when it comes to wild game.
-Greg T. Sirpis, Retail Events Coordinator Marketing & Brand Management, Cabela’s

Chef Corriveau’s creativity and the fresh seasonings he employs ensures a unique culinary adventure!
-Garrett Chase, President, Safari Club International, New England

Denny is a phenomenal chef. His food is excellent, outstanding!!! I can’t say enough how wonderful his food is – it is over-the-top, more than we could have ever expected! We’ve been opened up to a whole new world of cooking!
-The Masiello’s, Lynnfield, MA

The Wild Cheff opened a delicious new world for me on how to cook game. The Wild Cheff spices and recipes make cooking game enticing and fun. With the Wild Cheff, the possibilities are endless….
-Kim Pratt

Denny .. aka .. The Wild Cheff certainly puts an extraordinary amount of talent into game cooking to rival the best steak, fish or fowl restaurants that I have frequented.
-Kenneth Kreis, Sr. NH State Representative, New England Outdoor Writer, Lifetime Hunter and Fisherman

When I was young my mother cooked A LOT!!! She used spices found at the grocery store and so I did too! As my love for cooking grew with my age a friend introduced me to organic spice blends. I found their flavors to be intense and SWITCHED! The flavor of my dishes is now so rich and aromatic. I ditched table salt in favor of high quality sea salt. Using organics meant less spice was required for the same flavor. A mutual friend then introduced me to The Wild Cheff. Denny’s spice blends again changed my cooking. I experimented with more of my own recipes.  I received rave reviews on my shredded pork BBQ using his Tex-Mex spice blend. The turkey at Thanksgiving was from his brine and had flavor and moisture in every single bite. He sent me some free samples if his Tuscan Blend for a goose that we prepared at Christmas and again I received rave reviews from the children and adults. His blends take all of those wonderful organic blends and mix them together as I might on my own. But his balance is perfect every time. I can’t wait to re-fill my spice blend bottles and find I run out more often. I use them with more frequency than any other. The aroma of the brines, pie spice, sage, curry, tex-mex, all of it is excellent. I try to add something new that I haven’t tried with each order.  Its great that I can order on-line from the convenience of my home. My brother enjoyed his cookbooks I gave him as holiday gift. The only thing I am missing is Denny’s personal cooking! Maybe one day I will be blessed with an invitation to sample his food.
-Lisa-Marie, Realtor and Mom, Epsom NH

When Dennis asked me to provide an honest testimony for his website I thought that my testimony would be a long one, as I started tasting some of his first game dishes over 25 years ago. I have experienced his style of wild game cooking since its inception, and I have to state that his skill level is unparalleled. I have eaten his individual game recipes all the way to his full-blown wild game buffets and all I can say is wow!!! There usually is not much talk at the table when he cooks, as we are too busy enjoying his creations. He truly has been labeled the Wild Cheff for good reason. I have never tasted recipes for game that even come close to what he brings to the game table. His herb blends add a dimension to the flavor of game that enhances every dish that he prepares and I use them religiously myself! We look forward to him coming to deer camp every year in anticipation of what he will come up with next!!!
-D Moore, Maine

We used your wonderful spices last night and we are going to try them again tonight! Makes me look like a professional chef!

YAY!!!! I’m so excited. I used the dried roasted garlic the other day in my beef stew. I was adding some re-constituted mushrooms and I thought to add them in. It was a revelation. The soaking liquid from those 2 things alone could make an amazing soup. It was phenomenal. I think I’m going to attempt a curry next week…seeing as how I can’t stop randomly picking up the curry blend and burying my nose in it!
-A Very Happy Customer

The turkey turned out great!  It was very moist and had great flavor…brining is definitely the way to go! The cider was excellent as well….the mulling spices were very aromatic and added a nice addition to the cider. Thanks for the introduction to your spices, we will be (and have been) spreading the word to our family and friends on your new line.
-Casey & Ursala, Massachusetts

I used some of your Sagebrush seasoning this evening and we LOVED IT!! I added some to the potatoes, mushrooms, & onions while they were browning – then I added the canned deer meat, and some more of the sagebrush. It was a BIG HIT. Thanks again!