Wild Game Seminars & Presentations

Wild Cheff Demonstration

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Chef Corriveau travels on a regular basis conducting Wild Game Seminars & Presentations including national speaking engagements, public appearances and cooking demonstrations.

While presentations are customized for individual clients, Chef Corriveau has several popular topics listed below.

  • Developing a Passion for Cooking Your Game
  • What Compels Me to Hunt
  • Finding God in the Outdoors
  • Sure Steps to Ensuring Quality Venison
  • Best Practices for Cooking Game – how to “Master the Basics”
  • The Versatility of Cooking Wild Game
  • The Health Benefits of Eating Wild Game
  • Top 10 Cooking Techniques for Quality Game
  • The Mindset of a Successful Hunter
  • How to Take Your Game Cooking to a New Level
  • The Uniqueness of the Hunting Experience – it’s more than just hunting
  • The Traditions of Wild Game Cooking