Wild Cheff Lemon Pepper Spice Blend

Lemon Pepper Spice Blend


Suggested Uses: Pasta, homemade tuna salad, chicken, baked or grilled fish, game birds, antelope, rabbit, chicken.

Ingredients: Black peppercorns, lemons, garlic, onion, citric acid and sea salt. All Natural. Preservative Free.

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Product Description

Wild Cheff Lemon Pepper Spice Blend combines the pungent and spicy flavor of coarsely ground premium black peppercorns with the bright flavor of fresh lemons with a hint of garlic, onion and sea salt. Use this blend to flavor your game birds, fish, and organic meats, as well as to add a fresh boost in flavor to your pasta and veggies. This blend works well for recipes like Picatta, Chowders, and you can even use it for marinades and for enhancing homemade tuna salad.