Wild Cheff Ginger Citrus Spice Blend

Ginger Citrus Spice Blend


Suggested Uses: Chicken salad, lettuce wraps, chicken or pheasant salad, grilled or baked fish, sauces, dressings, dipping sauces, Mongolian beef, stir-fry.

Ingredients: Ginger, onion, garlic, Demerara sugar, orange peel, sea salt, red bell pepper, citric acid, sesame oil, orange oil, Oleoresin paprika, and other spices. All Natural. Preservative Free.

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Product Description

Wild Cheff Ginger Citrus Spice Blend combines the warm pungent flavor of ginger and the tart bright taste of citrus notes from orange and lemon combine for a delicious taste experience. Great for seasoning for the exterior of fish or fish stuffing, game birds, chicken or pasta dishes or sauces that have a citrus theme, and veggies that accompany fish dishes. This blend can also help you to create delicious marinade, orange flavored sauce, or even be used to liven up your tuna fish salad.