Wild Cheff Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt

Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt


Suggested Uses: Chili, soups, stews, braises, chicken, seafood, eggs, vegetables.

Ingredients: Sea salt. All Natural. Preservative Free.

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Product Description

Wild Cheff Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt is the most amazing salt that I have ever worked with. It is made by an artisan colleague of mine. The salt is derived from the ocean in New England. It has a fine texture, much like the stickiness of brown sugar, a beautiful caramelized color, with a clean smoky scent of tobacco, and a rich flavor. You can use it in dishes that you want to add a clean smoked flavor to; to season game, meats or fish that you want to smoke, or as a finishing salt on a grilled game. This salt is so versatile that is can be used in your guacamole, chili, with your seafood, eggs, rice, potatoes, vegetables, and fruit. Use it in soups, stews, and braises. Try on ice cream and chocolate or caramel sauces. Rim your next glass of ale or dark rum cocktail.