Wild Cheff Alaska Wilderness Sea Salt

Alaska Wilderness Sea Salt


Suggested Uses: Sprinkle on cooked dishes, salads, seafood, chicken, pork, wild game, salad, vegetables.

Ingredients: Sea salt. All Natural. Preservative Free.

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Product Description

Wild Cheff Alaska Wilderness Sea Salt is hand-crafted from the pristine waters of the Gulf of Alaska and native Sitka Spruce tips and as a result this salt has a truly unique flavor. A bit herbal with hints of rosemary, a bit citrus, a bit sweet, it is unlike any flavor you will encounter. Refreshing and distinct. The Sitka Spruce tree, the largest species of Spruce, is native to the coastal rainforest of the Northwest from Northern California to Alaska. For generations the tips have been used as a natural ingredient in syrup, jam, beer and now sea salt. Wild Alaskan Sea Salt is made by infusing the hand-picked, bright green spring Sitka Spruce tips into deliciously clean-flavored, crisp sea salt flakes. Nothing else is added.

Use Wild Alaskan Sea Salt as a finishing salt, not in cooking, as you would miss the crisp texture in each bite of food. Sprinkle it on your cooked dishes or salads, on sweet or savory fare. With a distinct citrus and herbal flavor, it pairs well with seafood, chicken, pork, beef, salad, vegetables, and even popcorn. It will brighten up your baked goods; scatter a touch on top of shortbread or muffins before baking.