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Wild Cheff Recipe Preparation

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The Wild Cheff Concept is rooted in origins from a simpler time when the “farm to table” concept applied to every household in America. Wild Cheff’s owner, Chef Denny Corriveau, grew up hunting in the New England woods and fishing along the rivers with his family. He learned from an early age proper game handling and preparation techniques. After decades of creating culinary masterpieces for family and friends he was inspired to share his expertise with a larger audience. In 1995 he launched Wild Cheff Enterprises to critical acclaim.

Chef Corriveau has combined his heritage of distinctive family recipes for a variety of wild game and free-range meats with his own culinary education and expertise to develop a style of game preparation like no other. His style combined with his methodologies form the pillars of Wild Cheff Enterprises.

The Wild Cheff Concept for free range eating is about combining culinary education with delicious recipes and an all natural, preservative free product line of seasonings that will not only enable but inspire any individual (from inexperienced to professional chefs) to prepare wild game, free-range and organic ingredients more deliciously and more frequently.

Chef Corriveau’s cooking approach is simple. From big game animals like elk, whitetail deer, moose and bear, to a variety of upland birds like grouse, woodcock, quail, and pheasant. The migratory waterfowl to a number of different freshly caught fish including landlocked salmon, native brook trout, several species of bass and panfish, and saltwater gamefish like striped bass and bluefish. Free-range meats such as poultry, beef or pork and organic vegetables. Combine them with a unique, all-natural blend of spices, specially-crafted brines, naturally flavored olive oils, balsamic vinegars, artisan sugars, and sea salts, each of which has been custom designed for a specific purpose to enhance the unique flavor of the harvested game. Add to it the hundreds of recipes available through Wild Cheff, you’ll be hard pressed to eat the same meal twice anytime soon except for the many favorites you’ll want to repeat again and again.

The Wild Cheff Concept offers an inspiring, healthy, exciting, delicious, and all natural way to enjoy your food.